Feb 08

Thanks to Boston MedFlight for a great AHS ENE event!

On January 30th, the AHS East New England chapter featured Boston MedFlight’s  Charles Blathras, Chief Operations Manager, and Rick Kenin, GM of Aviation Operations. Charles and Rick generously shared Boston MedFlight’s EMS Helicopter Selection Process with our Boston-area AHS members.


As a non-profit responsible to a consortium of 7 Boston Area hospital, Boston MedFlight strives to manage their debt at a stable level and predictable expenses.  This adds a constraint to the timing and size of replacement and new aircraft purchases.

AHS ENE Boston Medflight 1

Their procurement decision requires a comparison of each offers attributes vs. BMF key criteria.  Safety is their paramount consideration, but an aircraft’s demonstrated reliability and maintainability records are also important considerations.

AHS ENE Boston Medflight 2

Finally factors such as useful payload, available space, and effective range are balanced against acquisition and operating costs.


Thank you again to Boston Medflight, and especially to Charles and Rick for making this AHS East New England event a success!

AHS ENE Boston Medflight 3AHS ENE Boston Medflight 4

Special thank you to our event sponsor, Altair!